Sunday, February 21, 2010

And The Winner Is... Bry'Nt

So bry'nt is the sexiest of them all? Well,thats not who I chose... Jensen atwood is not bad looking but braids are played out.. Karamo Brown. Back when he was on the real world he was the man of my wet dreams... now its like he get more and more feminine every time I see him. He don started arching his eyebrows, cutting off his facial hair... Stuff that I hate. Bry'nt. I like him but he has girly attributes too. His nipples are pierced and the color in his hair... Terrell carter was my pick. To me he is perfect. Sexy body, singing voice, and a good looking.. But I ain't mad at chall for picking Bry'nt...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dorm Room

Brandon walked into a barbershop hoping to get a clean cut. He was 18, just graduated, and was starting college. He checked into his room but hadn't met his roomate yet. Mr. Griffin's barbershop looked a little empty. Brandon walked in anyway, to see a man cleaning clippers.
"Yo wad up, can I get" a cut?" Brandon said. The young man turned to face him.
"Fo Sho" Brandon only looked at him.
"You look new man, I'm Trevon" Trevon reached to shake Brandon's hand.
"Yeah mane, I'm enrolled at Hinds"
"You play ball?" Trevon asked
"Yeah, you?"
"Yeah, I'm at Hinds too"
"You stayin on campus?" Brandon asked
"Yep" Brandon looked at Trevon now.
"What hall?" Brandon asked
"For real? Me too" Brandon said
"What room number?" Trevon asked
"Bruh, I'm your roommate" Brandon said smiling
"That's wats up" Trevon responded shaking Brandon's hand.
It was then Trevon stopped to admire Brandon's chocolate skin.
"So what kind of haircut you want?" he asked Brandon
"Even all the way round, I gotta keep these waves for the ladies" Brandon said
"I gotcha cuz, you got a lady?" Trevon hoped the answer was no.
"Naw, why? U got some?"
"I was hoping you did playboy"
"How much I'ma owe you?" Brandon asked
"Don't worry bout it, its yo first time"
"I 'preciate that homey" Brandon said
"Yeah, no problem"
"So when you movin in?"
"I planned on it right before you walked in" Trevon said
"Aight then, I'll help you"
Trevon did Brandon up and they went to get Trevon's boxes to move him into the dorms. They settled in and relaxed until Brandon got ready to get in bed.
"Damn, I'm tired" Brandon said
Trevon watched him take his shirt off. Trevon's heart quickened as he checked out Brandon's six paack. Playing ball paid off for him.
"You mind if I turn the lights off?"
Trevon saw Brandon's dick jingle while he walked to his bag to get his wave cap. Then he turned off the light. This is going to be a horny semester, Trevon thought to himself.
In Trevon's wet dream, Brandon walked over and pulled the covers off him. Brandon then got a sight of Trevon's chocolate dick. The scent of his of his arousal sent a brick hard erection in Brandon. Trevon sat up and kissed Brandon's sexy chest. Brandon put his hand on the back of Trevon's head. Trevon went for Brandon's swole nipples and licked them, causing moans. Brandon pushed Trevon down and licked the head of his dick.
"Its all yours" Trevon said looking Brandon in the eye.
All of a sudden, Trevon's eyes opened. Just a dream. Damn, he thought.

Brandon walked up to the gym after a long day of classes. When he got to the gym, there were boys with their abs out practicing. A tall, brown man blew a whistle. He told them to get into shirts and skins for a scrimmage. Brandon got a chance to show off his skills. By the end of practice, Coach Valentine made Brandon a starter. This was his dream. In the lockeroom while putting on his cloths,two of his teammates walked up to him.
"wad up kid" one said
Brandon realized the first one looked like a virginia Chris Brown boy, while the other guy had light brown skin.
"Nothin much man" Brandon answered
"I'm Robbie man, and this Greg"
Brandon gave them both some dap.
"So you a freshman?" Robbie asked
"You stayin on campus?" Greg asked
"Yeah, Graves hall"
"Man, you got it good" Robbie said
"Who yo roommate is?" Greg asked
"Ya'll know Trevon" Brandon said
Robbie and Greg looked at each other like Brandon said RuPaul.
"Trevon Morgan?" Robbie asked
"I don't know his last name, I met him at a barbershop. He gave me a cut."
Robbie and Greg nodded that that was it.
"What?" Brandon caught on
"You need to watch yourself" Greg said
"Trevon gay cuz" Robbie said matter of factly
"How you know?" Brandon asked while he picked up his bag.
"Because man, Josh, or point guard roomed with him last semester and told us Trevon tried to make a move on him" Greg said
"So?" Brandon was getting uncomfortable
"Look, he dating my ex girl, and thats my pops barbershop he work at" Robbie said
"Why you tellin me this?"
"Cause you can prove its true. Didnt nobody believe me and greg"
"So you want me to see?" Brandon asked
"Yeah" Robbie said
Brandon walked out the lockeroom. Trevon don't like me, do he? Brandon thought.

Trevon got out of class looking forward to seeing Brandon and being alone with him. Trevon just couldn't help it. He only wondered if Brandon felt the same way. The sun was going down and night was on its way. Trevon walked into the hall with the noise of the shower running and a nigga singing the hell out of Boyfriend #2. Trevon opened up the dorm room without a sign of Brandon. Was that him in the shower? He changed his cloths into a pair of basketball shorts and a muscle shirt. Might as well get comfortalbe. Trevon cracked open his books on his desk and tried to study. About 15 minutes later, Brandon bounced through their door with just a towel around his waist. Trevon's heart started to ache. To add, Brandon continued to sing Pleasure P's hit song. Trevon sneaked looks at Brandon's chocolate chest and juicy nipples. He longed to touch them. Brandon looked at him and smiled a charming smile.
"Wat it do?" Brandon dropped his towel and slapped Trevon with it.
Trevon focused on that piece of meat with pubic hair covering it. Brandon put on his underwear and a wife beater.
"You studying?" Brandon asked, breaking the silence
"Yeah" Trevon was now even more turned on.
"I see you checking me out" Brandon said in a low, sexy voice.
Trevon got nervous. Was this a game?
"I-I aint like that" Trevon said with his head in his book
"You ain't got to get all nervous, nigga. I never said I didn't like it" Brandon said
Trevon looked up at Brandon, who was on his elbow with his hands in his draws.
"What'chu mean?" Trevon asked
"I know you want this dick" Brandon said while he licked his lips
Trevon was spent. Brandon got up from his bed and pulled off his wifebeater. He got in front of Trevon and got his dick out of his draws. Trevon lightly slapped on his ass before he sucked his dick. Brandon held on to Trevon's shoulders while he sucked his dick. Trevon sucked Brandon's meat like a pro. Then, Trevon movoed down and licked Brandon's balls. While Brandon moaned, Trevon tasted both of Brandon's tender nuts. A knock at the door interrupted their session. They both jumped and their cloths back on.
"Yo Brandon" It sounded likek Robbie.
"I'll be back" Brandon said to Trevon as he exited the room.
"What up" Robbie asked Brandon
"You right man, he a faggot"
"I knew it" Robbie's phone vibrated
"Aight man, we'll talk tomorrow" Robbie said and gave Brandon some dap
Brandon went back in, ignoring Trevon. Brandon could feel Trevon's eyes on him. Trevon walked over and laid on Brandon's back.
"You aight?" he asked
"Yeah" Brandon said with a soft smile
"Ready for round 2?" Trevon asked
"Man, I'm tired, can we do it tomorrow?" Brandon said.
"Yeah, night" Trevon got up and kissed Brandon's cheek.
I think I'm in love, Trevon thought as he turned off the lights. Everything about Brandon turned him on. His dick, his musty smell, his voice. Brandon would melt my heart if he ever kisses me, Trevon thought. Trevon also knew that he was different than the other down low boys he met. Trevon shot on last look at Brandon's sleeping face, then he dropped off himself.

"I knew it, mane" Greg told Brandon and Robbie.
They were lifting weights in the weight room.
"So now its time to expose that mofo" Robbie said
"How?" Brandon asked
"Well, you get him to confess while his girl and us hide in the closet" Greg explained
"Where at?" Brandon asked
"Yo dorm, crazy" Greg answered
"I bet that faggot ass nigga think he got a boyfriend" Robbie said.
All three boys fell out in laughter.

After practice, Robbie, Greg, and Britney (Trevon's girl) went to Brandon and Trevon's dorm and hid in the closet. Britney did not believe that her handsome boyfriend was gay. After they got into the closet, Brandon got into his previous wife beater and basketball shorts. Brandon warned the three to stay quiet in the closet. About 5 minutes later, Trevon came through the door.
"Wut up" he said
Trevon tried to kiss Brandon, but he dodged it.
"Whats wrong?" Trevon asked
"Nothing man, I wanna talk"
"Being gay"
"What'chu mean?" Trevon asked, confused
"You on the low or what?"
"Yeah, I got a girl but she don't know shit"
"Is that right"
The closet door opened.
"What the hell?" Trevon asked as his girlfriend, as well as Greg and Robbie,came out the door.
"We knew you was a faggot" Greg said and then spit in Trevon's face.
Britney took off running. Trevon looked at Brandon with tears in his eyes.
"Aww... the faggot bout to cry" Robbie said laughing.
Trevon ran out the room to the outside woods. How could he had been so stupid? He fell for the tricks again. He felt as if he were going to throw up. That night, he went to his mom's house to spend the night. She asked if everything was okay, he lied and said yes. It wasn't no point for Trevon to even try to defend himself against the news he knew they were spreading. At least now, he would'nt have to live a lie. Even though he could kill Brandon, Trevon had to face him one last time.

Brandon was busy trying to get ready to visit a girl in a neighbor dorm when Trevon came in. Trevon wasted no time.
"Why?" He asked
"Cuz, look, it wasnt me"
"What'chu mean?"
"Greg and Robbie wanted to-"
"You know what, I ain't here to fuss at chu"
"Aight" Brandon said
"Look Brandon, I know you liked what we did, but Brandon, I just can't live in the dark"
"I ain't no faggot. Just because I let you suck my dick don't mean shit"
"Okay,whatever man. Thank you on the real"
Brandon looked at Trevon sideways, but Trevon walked out into the cool breeze with a smile.

The End
If you liked this one, wait until you read the next one! Dorm Room 2 coming soon!

Wish I Was Somebody's Baby....

The Noah's Arc Man

On the episode where alex set guy up, I thought Tray was crazy as hell. Guy looks ten times better than alex ever will. I mean tray looks better with guy. on the flipside, I could understand Tray staying with alex. Men like him give me hope..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

J.L King WTF?

Ok, I know it might be late but I just finished reading his book. Okay, I know that black women are getting aids because of men on the dl but I feel that JL was wrong for putting these men on blast as well as terrence dean. I feel like they are working overtime to try to bust men who keep their shit to themselves.. Just because they can't be on the low no more because they got caught doesnt mean you should bust someone else. I wonder if Jl king or terrence dean got aids or something.. I wonder if that is wat made them just expose black men.. No matter how they try to educate black women there will always be men having secret affairs whether its gay or not.

Damn! He Too Sexy! It Can't Be!

THis tyler perry actor has been outed. Boy, my mama had a damn fit when she found out! LOL. I wonder why he was outed like this...

Get All Off My Man!

I think that the whole thing was blown out of proportion. They act like this a new ike and tina turner case! They are both young and I think that bitch rihanna provoked him. I heard she gave him herpes... anywayz I still luv him.. wat about you..