Sunday, February 21, 2010

And The Winner Is... Bry'Nt

So bry'nt is the sexiest of them all? Well,thats not who I chose... Jensen atwood is not bad looking but braids are played out.. Karamo Brown. Back when he was on the real world he was the man of my wet dreams... now its like he get more and more feminine every time I see him. He don started arching his eyebrows, cutting off his facial hair... Stuff that I hate. Bry'nt. I like him but he has girly attributes too. His nipples are pierced and the color in his hair... Terrell carter was my pick. To me he is perfect. Sexy body, singing voice, and a good looking.. But I ain't mad at chall for picking Bry'nt...


  1. Br'ynt? I don't know about that.
    Jensen is sexy but you're so wrong when it comes to braids. Braids are eternal, classic, and will never be played out.
    Does Kuramo arch his back? It'd have to be pretty extreme for you to tell with black men being most of us have a natural arch in our lower backs.
    For me to say that he'd have to be arching it so much he looked like a walking talking fishing hook. He doesn't look like that to me.

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