Saturday, February 13, 2010

J.L King WTF?

Ok, I know it might be late but I just finished reading his book. Okay, I know that black women are getting aids because of men on the dl but I feel that JL was wrong for putting these men on blast as well as terrence dean. I feel like they are working overtime to try to bust men who keep their shit to themselves.. Just because they can't be on the low no more because they got caught doesnt mean you should bust someone else. I wonder if Jl king or terrence dean got aids or something.. I wonder if that is wat made them just expose black men.. No matter how they try to educate black women there will always be men having secret affairs whether its gay or not.


  1. I agree with that shit too.

  2. Some black women contract diseases from men who cheat with men, some get them from men who cheat with women, some just get them because they themselves cheat with someone who has a disease or sexually transmitted infection.