Friday, June 26, 2009

Dirty Laundry. When I first bought this, I kept looking for the sex scenes. (LOL). When I really sat down and watched it, it was a good movie. Anybody besides me notice that both the men of the series Soul Food have played gay roles...

I really liked brother to brother but it could have been better. He could have dated a black boy. It seemed like all of the romance in this film was interracial. I'm not being snobby but still..
Ok, noah's arc. I just couldn't get next to this show. It was a lot better than queer as folk but I'm just not that kind of gay man. To me, the show wasn't realistic and it was lazy when it came to hard hitting topics like homophobia, gay marriage, and love. Now I know that a man like wade wouldn't want noah. Overall the show was good and wade was the only reason I watched it..

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