Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sex Advice:
1. First of all, really get to know your partner. Unlike lesbians, gay men just can't be promiscuous.( hope I spelled that right). Then theres codoms, but don't they take the feeling out? Anyway, we face the risk of getting diseases so its important to be a one man man. That is if you don't want a disease...

2. You and your man need to discover who's top or bottom. Then, find out what you and your partners like. Sex is not all about fucking. Kissing, Touching, and Falling in love play a part. Do something relaxing right before like taking a bath or shower together, or slow dance....

3. My other little piece of advice is to get your man tested, and you also. It's not that you don't trust your man, just tell him you need to be sure. If he loves you like he says he does, he'll have no problem. Also, watch out for boys who try to rush you into bed, they might be trying to share a gift with you ( if you haven't wathch a movie called "Cover") and they are trying to take down as many as they can with them. Its sad but true. I hate to say this, but try to avoid down low men. I know, they can be so sexy sometimes but its deceptive to women, and you don't want to get involved.

Aight my niggaz ,thats it for now.

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