Monday, June 15, 2009

This jus something on my mind

Boys. Boys. Niggaz. Muscles. Dick. Balls. I luv em. I luv dick, seeing boys without their shirts, hairy nuts, their muscular asses. I wanna get fucked in the ass by a nigga. Maybe this nigga could make me wet. Kiss me and touch my body. Fuck me so raw that my heart would stop. A six pack to stare at. It ain't like a nigga kissing me. To feel his touch, to have him hold me. I would be there to listen to him. My kind of dude is one who is real, well defined, honest, ability to sing, athletic body, long, hairy dick, good kisser, and charming. Whenever he talks to me, my heart stops. My heart burns with excitement. If he on the down low, I just can't get caught up in that. My nigga, my dick, my nigga sexy ass. My boo with a deep, firm voice. That's the kind of nigga I need in my world. The kind I fantasize about 24/7. When I get a hold of him, I won't let him go. I'm a lick all over him before he fuck me. He mine and only mine. Them other niggas can drool all they want to, but he mine...

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