Thursday, June 11, 2009

My reason for starting this site is to share with all my other gay black brothers out there. I been holding a lot inside for so long. Hell, I'm ready to share. I'll tell you about my coming out story later but here are my inspirations for this blog, my blog:
adam irby, dex star g, cory @ i'll keep you posted, living out loud with dorian, thugfiction, and we are part of you.

What do you think about this hot little story:
The Gym Boy
In P.E, there was this guy that made me hard as a rock. He was dark-skinned, sexy, with a muscular build. Every day he would take off his shirt. I had to catch myself from staring at his well developed chest. Damn, I wanted to suck on his juicy, swell nipples. In the lockeroom, he always wore gray underwear. He would always say to the guys, "Yall see that ass?". I looked and almost fainted at the sight of his beautiful ass. Brown, shaped just right, I couldn't take my eyes off. Another guy snickered and said to the sexy boy, " he scopin it out". He only looked at me with an expressionless face. I wanted to take a picture of that ass, sexy beautiful ass. I wanted to stick my dick in it, even though I was a bottom. I guess my dream of fucking him and him making raw love to me would never come true...

Did U like it? Should I go further?

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  1. Certainly, you must go on. I want to know what happens next.