Thursday, June 11, 2009

Must Read Books:

Basketball Jones by E. Lynn Harris
When I first saw this book on shelves, I hesitated. I thought it was some woman finding out her boyfriend NBA star was a whore... ( I hate reading or watching anything predictable). A few days later I saw it again and saw that it was in the gay section. I read the preview and bought it. I fell in love with this book. The chemistry between AJ and Dray is just amazing. (Sorry to those who haven't read it). This book will keep you until the very last page. Most of all, this story is realistic. I didn't expect the ending, but I knew how AJ felt.

Hiding In Hip Hop by Terrance Dean
Have you ever wondered if your fave celebrity man was gay? Course you have. In this book, a sexy look is given into the gay aspect of hip hop and how many of them actually like dick... The book was just so exciting to me, my heart pounded throughout the whole book. Some of the men he described were obvious... Read it, you will definetly like it!

In Love With A Thug by Reginald Hall
Now, a lot of my friends disagree with this, but I liked this book. Just think thugs, fags, sex, death, deception, heartache all in one story. This is a gritty, bumpy story about a femme who falls for thugs, but has an unexpected twist waiting for him. Cudos, Reggie!

Anyone Deny?

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